Jay Caliendo
Medical Intuitive

Inner Insight, Ltd. was founded in January of 1996 after Jay's ability was demonstrated in a physical rehabilitation clinic. The staff recognized his ability and accuracy in detecting illness and convinced Jay that there was a need for his gift worldwide. Since that time, his personal health readings have reached thousands of individuals throughout the United States and several countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, France, Canada, Germany, England,  Malaysia, India and Japan.

Since his baptism as a young adult in 1973, Jay has experienced his intuitive ability which he believes is a gift from God. Since then, Jay's focus has never changed: he enjoys helping others and has read thousands of individuals throughout the world. He believes he should offer his health readings as long as there is a need for it. Jay has devoted his entire adult life to helping others. He served on the Phoenix Police Department for over 25 years protecting and serving his community.

Jay's quasi-sixth sense allows him to see health-related maladies in people in what he describes as a x-ray type photo energy field, but in a more three-dimensional image, which has led others to call him the man with x-ray vision. Jay's innate ability enables him to see what processes are occurring inside individuals, which allows him to help others in deciding which type of doctor or practitioner they should seek for treatment. If this ability sounds mysterious don't feel alone; others along with Jay, are equally mystified when he is able to demonstrate an
89% accuracy rate.

Jay stresses that he is not a physician and has not been trained in medicine. His opinions are based on his ability to see and diagnose energy. Because of the nature of his ability to see energy, the majority of his readings are conducted by phone, which allows him to reach as many individuals as possible on an international level. Jay's private phone consultations take about one hour. Jay continues to make every effort to keep his cost affordable for everyone. The cost for a private consultation is $175.00, both for the USA and International. This is his total cost, regardless of the time spent with you on the phone. Jay does not dispense any type of medication, herbs or supplements, so you will never experience any hidden or unexpected additional cost.

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Jay Caliendo's first book, "The Way I See It: Health Readings From The Man With Order DirectX-Ray Vision", is now available. He is the first medical intuitive in over 45 years to publish his readings and make them available to the public since the great Edgar Cayce. Within these pages is a collection of over 800 excerpts all alphabetized by symptom and illness. This book offers a way for individuals to review readings on others who may have suffered from the same pain and illness as you. This book of reference will open the door to the healing that is sought by so many. If you or a loved one suffer from an illness, the readings collected in this book may reveal possible causes and offer healing options you may not have considered.  Jay's goal is that his alternative approach, in part, can aid others in the search for better health.

Here are just a few of Jay Caliendo's accomplishments / appearances

  • Peer-Reviewed Medical Journals:

    • Alternative Complimentary Therapies
      Vol. 6, No. 6, Dec 2000

      Journal of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

      Vol. 16, No. 2, Jan 2005

    Interviewed by:

    • - Dan Aykroyd - Sci-Fi TV, New York

    • - Ryan Seacrest - 98.7 FM Burbank, CA

    • - Art Bell, Coast to Coast AM Radio

    • - Akashic Who's Who - iUniverse, Inc., 2005

    • - National Examiner - Publication May 15th, 2001

    • - The Zone 105.3 FM - Alabama Radio

    • - Charles Goyette, KFNX and KFYI Arizona Radio

    • - Journey's with Mark Lewis, KTAR Arizona Radio

    • - Good Morning Arizona, KTVK Television

    • - KPHO TV 5 News

    • - KPNX TV 12 News

    • - Las Vegas TV News

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